Viktorov Aleksandr Sergeevich

Александр Сергеевич Викторов родился 9 февраля в 1984 году - художник. Живет и работает в Москве.

Краткая биография

Образование: Лицей Анимационной Кинематографии + незаконченное высшее по графическому дизайну. В 2009 г. открывает студию под названием «VisualShot studio». Info about artist - english version. Who is VIKTOROV | He’s a painter, illustrator and digital artist from the country, with a severe climate. Basically, he work at the studio - its specialisation is design; digital and analogue drawing; painting and animation. «I think that any artist should possess first of all good drawing - alive, with own handwriting drawing. I Have started to draw still very small.) at anyone children tremendous paainting! — It is loudly told but it so». At art school he was not trained, He studied in lycée of Animation cinematography and not so long on time at institute of Russian theatre on graphic design. He’ve served in russian army one year, and there his constantly asked to draw illustrations or characters people.) He Worked in different printing houses, the companies, the design studios etc. Then in 2009 has opened the studio VisualShot, where now he work.

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